Seeking to unite breeders in an effort to enhance their experience with Arabian horses, encourage Arabian horse ownership among others and generate positive growth and appreciation of the Arabian breed through education, judicious competition and selective promotion & publicity.  Furthermore, the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance seeks to become a worldwide community of breeders united in their dedication of the Arabian breed as well as thoughtful guardianship of these unique horses for future generations to come.

The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance of Australasia Incorporated is an organisation that has been formulated with the promotion of the Purebred Arabian Horse as its core objective. Within this framework of promotion some of AHBAA aims are to reach a broader community and help build a new wave of fresh Interest in the Arabian horse.

As breeders of Arabian Horses we each have a responsibility for the future welfare of our breed as well as having a viable benefit in assisting in the building of a sustainable growth market for our stock. The future of the Arabian horse is in the hands of you the breeder and as a community of Arabian horse enthusiasts, now is the time to be proactive and have an exciting & rewarding contribution to the future growth, existence and welfare of the breed.


Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance of Australasia Inc wishes to work in synergy with societies, associations, groups and or bodies within the Australasian region as well as internationally, that share similar interests aims & objectives.  In no way is it the intention and or direction for AHBAA to diminish or take the place of any of these societies, associations, groups & or body's.  Nor is it an objective of AHBAA to create a registry or maintain a studbook for the Arabian horse and or its Derivatives. 

“AHBAA is purely an organisation formed to promote the Purebred Arabian Horse”

The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance of Australasia is affiliated with and owes its inception from the concept founded by The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance of USA and from ideas verbalised by many of the dedicated Arabian horse breeders from around Australia and New Zealand that are wanting a more promising future for the Arabian Horse Breeders in the Australasia region;  


To be a part of the future growth of the Arabian horse market, To be included in the networking of Australasian Arabian Horse Breeders, to be a vital part of the contribution towards the future welfare of the Arabian horse and to be recognised as being a part of the dedicated Arabian horse community, be one of The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance of Australasia founding Patrons.  By standing together as a community with a common interest we can make a difference towards the healthy progress of our breed.  

Proudly affiliated with The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance USA



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Kelli Greene